3 Things to Consider When Thinking About Dietrich Park

Dietrich Park Roseville

Are you considering moving to or visiting the city of Roseville, California? If you are, you probably want to know more about the various attractions and public services available. Being the largest city in Placer County, California, with an estimated population of 141,500 people as of 2019, it makes sense that Roseville has many public areas available for its citizens to enjoy. Out of its 594 acres of public land, Roseville possesses a grand total of 75 parks. One of these parks is the Willard Dietrich Park, referred to more commonly as simply Dietrich Park, Roseville CA. Dietrich Park is one of the less well-known of Roseville’s parks, This is no surprise, as Dietrich Park is also one of the smaller parks in Roseville, covering a mere 4.6 acres, less than half the size of Roseville’s more popular Hillsborough Park. However, in spite of its smaller size, it is still a great place to carry the kids to get out of the house, and it stays open from sunrise to just an hour after sunset, allowing for a full day of play for the kids. Of course, this is not nearly enough information to judge whether a park is worth the effort of visiting or not, so here I will cover three topics about Dietrich Park to help you make that decision: its location, its history, and, of course, the fun parts that make the park appealing, its equipment.

Where You Should Go To Find Dietrich Park

All of the parks of Roseville fall either into West Roseville, East Roseville or Central Roseville. Dietrich Park is located in East Roseville. Specifically, Dietrich Park can be found at the address 1201 Stoney Point Way, Roseville, CA 95661. It is right off of N. Cirby Wy and Stoney Point Dr. The park is also close to the George Sargeant Elementary School. Okay, now that the more boring, but necessary, information is out of the way, let us progress to the history of the park.

Named After an Upstanding Citizen

Something that makes Dietrich Park, Roseville, CA special is that it is actually a memorial to a special person. This person was named Willard Dietrich, hence the full name of the park being Willard Dietrich Park. Willard Dietrich was a businessman who owned and ran his own nursery. He was an upstanding citizen of Roseville who served as the superintendent of Roseville Parks as well as being a member of the Roseville City Council. Now, we move on to the final and most important topic of interest concerning the Dietrich Park: the parts of the park itself.

Functional and Fully Equipped

Dietrich Park, Roseville, CA, though not the largest of Roseville’s parks by a large margin, has all the working parts to compete with any park. The park is accessible for those with disabilities, and it has a full playground for both preschool and school age children to enjoy themselves on. It was also newly renovated within the past couple of years. The playground has slides, both regular and bucket swings, and all the other pieces of equipment a fully functional playground needs. Not only is the playground a perfect place for children to frolic, but the park also provides an area for parents and whole families to sit and enjoy an outing on a sunny day. Dietrich Park has a covered picnic area, picnic tables and chairs in cool shade. Finally, Dietrich Park has multi-use turf, providing aesthetic appeal as well as a soft playing area for children.

There you go, everything you need to know about Dietrich Park, Roseville, CA. To summarize it in brief, the Willard Dietrich Park is a small but fully functional public park in East Roseville. It has a playground for children of both preschool and school ages, multi-use turf, and a family picnic area. The park is the perfect place to take the whole family for some sunny day outdoor activity and fun. So, if you are visiting Roseville, California, you live there already, or you are thinking about making the move there, check out the Willard Dietrich Park in person, and make sure to pack a big picnic basket and bring your kids with you.

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