Important Tips for Hiring a Commercial Painter

Whether you own or manage a business or a commercial building you more than likely care about what it looks like because you know that a good looking business can impress your customers or clients. So, if you are in need of a commercial paint job, it’s important that you pick out the commercial painter that can give you what you need. Since it can be a daunting task to find a good commercial painter, As painters Roseville, we’d like to help you out by giving you a few tips on how to hire a commercial painter.

Do an Online Search

To start off with it’s a good idea to go online and do a basic online search for different commercial painters in your area. Once you’ve pulled up a few different names look at their different websites. You are going to want to see if they have pictures of their previous work. You also want to see how many years of experience they have and how long they’ve been in business. Then make a list of commercial painters you have interest in on a piece of paper so that you’ll have something to work with.

Look for Painters Who Specialize in Your Needs

While you are searching, make sure that you look for painters that focus on the kind of work that you might need done for your business. Narrow your search by using keywords that fit your needs like “exterior” or “interior”, you may also want to use “commercial” also if it’s for your business.

Visit Your Local Paint and/or Hardware Store

After you search online is done, you might also want to go to your local paint or hardware store and ask them if they know of any reliable commercial painters that they would recommend for the kind of work that you need to have done. If they do have referrals, add them to the list that you may have gotten from your online search.

Talk to Other Business Owners

Word of mouth even today, is still a good thing and can carry a lot of weight. So don’t be afraid of asking other business owners if they know of any good and reliable commercial painters that they may have used in the past and ask for their information so that you can contact them to find out more.

Schedule Meetings With at Least Three Commercial Painters

It’s important that you pick a minimum of three different commercial painters to have come visit your business or commercial building that you need painted. Yes, you can call and get an estimate, however, the estimate is going to be a lot more accurate if the painter visually inspects the job for themselves.

It’s important that you schedule a time where you know that you can be on-site when they arrive so you can ask the questions that are important for you and the two of you can discuss your goals and expectations.

Ask About Their Processes for Prep and Application

While you are walking about the site make sure that you ask the painter about how they plan on prepping the surfaces that you need to have painted and if there’s something that you might need to do that can help. You will also want to know what materials they’ll be using and just how long they think the job will take. This is especially important if the painting may interfere with your ability to serve your customers.

When asking them questions, it’s important that you listen to how quickly they answer your questions. Someone that answers quickly generally shows that they are experienced and knowledgeable. Those who hesitate tend to have less experience and knowledge so beware of that. If they have a good plan that includes protecting areas not being painted, the more prep they do, the more reliable they generally are. If a commercial painter promises a turnaround time you think sounds too fast, you should listen to your instincts because this could mean they cut corners.

Make Sure They Have Any Required Insurance and Licenses

It’s important that you make sure you ask the company if they have liability insurance or any licenses that your area might be required. Make sure that they can provide you with the proof of their insurance policy and any licensing. You want to make sure that they can work on your business safely. You want to make sure that their insurance covers any damage they might cause to your property. Also, make sure that those who work for them are also licensed and insured.

Ask if They Offer a Warranty or Guarantee

There’s nothing wrong with asking a commercial painter if they offer any kind of warranty or guarantee. Your business is important to you and you should feel secure in knowing that who you hire backs their work.

Ask for References

Before deciding on any painters make sure that you ask for a list of references and don’t just take the list and do nothing with it. Make sure that you call all the references before you make any decision on hiring a commercial painter.

Making Your Decision

After you’ve interviewed all of the companies it’s time to sit down and compare all of your notes on each of them. Compare their prices, guarantees, and how they answered your questions. Then once you have decided on a commercial painter, get in touch with them and set up a time to meet to write up the estimate and contract. Always make sure that you have the estimate in writing.

The Contract

Ask them if they want any down payment, and if they do, never pay more than 10% up front. This will help guarantee that the work you want done is done in a timely manner. You also want to set up when the rest of the payment is due and make sure that you both agree to stick to it.

Before signing the contract take a final walk through of the area you want painted to make sure there isn’t any kind of damage that might need to be repaired first so that this can be included in the total cost so there are no surprise charges after the job is finished.