John G Piches Park Roseville CA

Amenities at John G. Piches Park

Located at 1471 Stone point Dr, Roseville, CA 95661, this small humble park has some great features and is right next to Miner’s Ravine trail. There are one full size and another half-court basketball area for you and your co-workers to play some B-ball after work. A bike trail is available for you and your workout buddy to grab some bikes for your weekend aerobic exercises. And you could just walk around the green environment and take in the atmosphere from the comfort of the picnic tables and seating available there.

This casual park has a calm feel about it. You can go there anytime between sunrise and one hour after sunset when it closes and set up a picnic there right next to the creek. Now, you got yourself a barbecue get-together in the woods. There’s a lot of open space around, and you get to have an eyeful of some nice views of the city from there. You don’t need to worry about parking. Just grab a basket and make a day of it. Don’t forget to bring your dog.

The significance of the namesake of this park

John G. Piches has made countless contributions to the city of Roseville, for the benefit of current and future residents/visitors. To honor his achievements and contributions to this great city, this new park located near stone point drive and Rocky ridge road has been named after him for all of his services.

Often called “boss” by friends and most fellow residents of Roseville, John has been a life long athlete and a fan of sports, not to mention, he served in the Navy, fighting the good fight in South Pacific during World War II. He later returned to raise a family with his wife, Erma Claiborne, his high school love. They had married shortly after he had graduated with a degree in structural engineering at the University of San Francisco. Now, he is a proud father of two children: Donna, who works as a graphic designer, and Dave, an architect.

Having studied at Roseville High School, he had graduated in 1939 as the leader to their football team. Serving as the quarterback on the championship football team in 1938, he also led the baseball team through a three-year championship run. Now you can see why this park with his namesake has to be sports-related.

Of course, the park is built in the honor of the local veteran’s community, to whom he is known as one of the leading members. Piches routinely acts as the emcee for local memorial tributes. He has since helped raise funding for the city’s Korean War and World War Two monuments.

He is a man of many talents and has had a hand in a variety of endeavors in life. As a man of many trades, he has served as an essential factor for the fruition of numerous projects for Roseville, for example, the development of the city’s Parks and Recreation department.

He was a critical factor in the start-up of Roseville’s Little league, has designed and created Richards Field at Roseville High school, and served as the chairman of the city’s first Parks and Recreation Commission, to name a few of his achievements.

This park was built to humbly cater to the commercial and business area around Stone Point, and, more specifically, to some of the older folks working in an office environment who might need a calm little piece of green space to kick back and relax after some stressful work. Perhaps they might even shoot some hoops or just read a book. Although the amenities will be enjoyable for the children as well.

If only they had just put a horse racing track in there so John could have raced his horses, then the park would have been perfect in John’s opinion. But the city of Roseville has changed much from the days of his childhood. This park is the city’s 55th one, whereas there were only a couple of them back in his day. He’s proud to have been part of the driving force behind these changes.

In Conclusion

This is less of a tourist attraction and more of a casual use outing for regular visitors, but if you’re ever in the area, you can consider this spot for a picnic and the significance behind its namesake.

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