Roseville CA Golfland Sunsplash

Golfland Sunsplash Roseville

Time to practice your golf swing and get ready for a splash fest. At Golfland Sunsplash in Roseville, you can enjoy over 30 exhilarating rides and other attractions in sunny California. This locale has many features from their award-winning miniature golf course, to fascinating waterslides, and the staff is very polite always make sure it is all clean and well maintained.

This amusement park was opened in 1983, and the water park was added in 1986. Since then, the park has added a ridiculous amount of high scale features. To enter this amusement park, you have to pass the medieval-inspired gatehouse and slip into another world. This world can be divided into two parts. Let’s start with the splashy side.

Sunny splashes

There are many rides here to experience, especially in the summertime. Eat your ice-cream outside, and take care not to bring food to restricted areas to keep the water clean. Here’s a list of some of what you can expect to see.

The Riptide: climb on high and strap yourself onto what is essentially a 2-4 rider balloon bowl, and ride out the water slide’s twists and turns, then get shot up a vertical wall.

The Six Chuter: Ride the mat and race your friends down the waterslide to the bottom.

The Double Dare: You and your friend are double dared to keep your eyes open as you drop and slide down these water tubes from 7 stories in the air.

Thunder Falls: From 7 stories high in the sky, drop down three times along this slide with your family.

Thunder Bay Wavepool: This is the flagship of the park. This large wave pool creates 84 ft wide giant waves to ride on.

Master Blaster: This is a water slide that uses jets to launch riders up the slide, just like a roller-coaster. Imagine that!

The Vortex: You will drop from over four stories high into an open bowl and spin down to the middle hole. It is definitely a ride to cherish forever.

The Bermuda Triangle: If you just need a break from all the excitement, you can relax in a comfy tube and let the current gently rock your stress away.

There are even more variations you can check for yourself. But if you ever wanted a calmer or less wet experience, the other side has you covered.

The Dry Land of Golf

Miniature Golf Course: Each course has a different flavor. Be sure to experience the number one miniature golf course in California. Be warned. The holes are not easy targets.

Arcades: Step inside the Kings Bens Castle and hit the arcade section to try out over 200 different video games, including a dance-dance revolution and a VR game. Enjoy a variety of pizzas and soft drinks.

Laser tag: Let’s admit it. Paintball can be painful. But how else can we live out our war fantasies in real life? The answer is a game of Lazer knights on the upper floor of the Castle. Say goodbye to welts and bruises and say hello to a whole day of painless shooting and sneak attacks.

Fastcar Raceway: In this race track right outside the Castle Gate, you can challenge and race your friends and family to the finish line.

And those are the most notable of the rest of the park. You can always give your kids unforgettable memories by planning for parties to be conducted on the second floor and bring your own birthday cakes. The customer service will not disappoint you, and many enjoy the different colors and lights, especially on Christmas eve.


The staff is determined to do their part in keeping the public safe from deadly Covid-19. They make sure to clean the attractions between uses. Any person found not adhering to the safety guidelines like social distancing is asked to leave. You are recommended to wear masks. A limited amount is available for purchase each day. There are markers in all queue lines to help social distancing. You are encouraged to use hand sanitizer dispensers found throughout the facility, and of course, the water is chlorinated and monitored to stay that way.

In conclusion

This water park is an intense adrenaline ride, and many people have had fond memories there. It is fun for friends, family, the kids, and of course, date with your significant other.

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