Roseville CA Telephone Museum

The era of landline telephones is close to an end. Smartphones and other sophisticated gadgets are taking steadily the center stage, leaving old-style communication means in the past. It is very likely that the only place where you will be able to see such appliances in a few years are museums. Nowadays, there are few museums that are totally dedicated to communications technologies. One of them is located in Roseville CA.

If you are an enthusiast about telephone communications, you should not escape the unique chance to visit this wonderful museum in Roseville. The museum offers a view in the history of telecommunications, bringing to your attention a huge collection of antique telephones and other rudimentary gadgets and objects that show how things evolved over the years in this area. Be ready to see with own eyes antique devices that look so sophisticated and have such complex mechanisms of functioning that will make you fail for words. You will have the chance to see the first devices that were used as telephones by people. Some bulky boxes that make you hardly believe that they were used as telephones. Then come some long tubes connected to wires that do not resemble at all with modern gadgets. All of them looking so unusual and funny. You will really have to try to imitate a call with your friend to understand how it felt to talk on the phone a century ago.

From strangely looking rudimentary devices you will have the opportunity to pass to more advanced gadgets that were perceived at that time as incredible technology breakthroughs. The long tubes and bulky boxes have been replaced in the beginning of the 19th century with more compact machines having a receiver that imitated more or less the shape of receivers in the late 90’s landline telephones. You will get the unique chance to travel in the past, trying to hold conversations on telephones manufactured almost a hundred years ago. May be it will be your first time experiencing rotary dial, which was replaced in the 80’s by button dial, as it is well known. Your trip in the past will continue with inspecting a myriad of other variations of 19th century phones both from the USA and from other countries of the world. Also, you will definitely not want to escape the chance to throw a look at the machines used in the 90’s that could feel so familiar to some of you but that went into the shadow being replaced by smartphones and other modern gadgets of the 21st century. However, you will still have the chance to see telephones from the 90’s that are being used nowadays in some offices but that are so rare now that will be simply impossible to find in a few years. The museum exhibits some modernized telephones with buttons and a display showing the date and time and with even other features such as redial and calling back.

Roseville CA Telephone Museum exhibits not only telephones, you can also see other relics defining the history of telecommunications, such as switchboards. You will be accompanied along the entire trip by a guide who will comment on each relict, telling its history, its way of use, its inventors and many other curious facts that will leave you speechless, in places. The guide is very knowledgeable and is ready to give a detailed answer to any question of yours. The most interesting part is the demonstration of the way of using and way of functioning of antique telephones, the ones that look like bulky boxes connected to some wires.

The whole process is captivating and offers a deep insight into the history of telephone communications which is told in a funny and enjoyable manner. With that said, such an exhibition would be interesting not only for some antique phone collectors but also for those that have a soft spot for history and even for children that are curious about everything that moves in this world. In this way, Roseville CA Telephone Museum can be a perfect destination for a family weekend outing or for a city sightseeing tour. Each one that is fond of knowing new things is welcome to come to see this museum.

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