Royer Park Roseville CA

Location: 130 Park Dr, Roseville, California, 95678

Opening Time: At sunrise

Closing Time: An hour after sunset

Royer Park, A Park for the Family

The vibrant atmosphere of Royer park is crafted for the entire family. The sites are great for picnics and for kids to enjoy themselves. The scenery is covered with greenery, and it is all very beautiful.

This great park is also home to Children’s Art Center. There are actually two playgrounds for toddlers and older kids. One even looks like a castle which is very fun to climb and there is a sandbox to play in. There are swings and big slides. You can take your kids to soccer practice or the baseball diamond and enjoy nice long walks on the bike trails. There are also other sport-related areas like the tennis and basketball court. Having your kids compete and practice their aim in the horseshoe pit can be a lot of fun.

There are great spots to take pictures at, like the downtown bridge over the small river that runs through the park. It will look very scenic with green nature in the background. The body of water is called Dry Creek. There are also a lot of open spaces that people use to fly drones and have their kids run around in when going on family picnics. Everywhere you go, there are activities to take part in and no trash in sight. It is a very clean place to visit, even after huge parties that take place. You can reserve spots for such parties and other family get-together in advance. Live music plays on the weekends, so be sure to visit at those times. There are a lot of memorable moments waiting for you. This park opens at sunrise and closes one hour after sunset.

The big and old trees will provide a lot of shade for you everywhere in the park. Other than the open space in the southern part, the area is covered with trees. There are ducks in the creek and even some squirrels in the trees. Speaking of animals, this park used to have a zoo in the past. Sadly, it was miserable for the animals, so they removed them, and the bears were moved to a better home.

There is some parking space available, although it is limited. There are plans in place for paving future parking lots.

A Park Filled With History

Created in 1917, Royer Park is the first major park in Roseville. It was named after the family that sold it to the city. The park has always been a host of many festivals and other special events. That tradition continues to this day.

The bust of Benito Juarez, who is known as the Mexican father of independence and abolition of slavery, was donated to the park in 1980 by the Heredia family. For his honorable actions, President Juarez is known as the Abraham Lincoln of Mexico, and the Mexican population of Roseville was pleased by this donation.

At the northern end of the park is the Veterans Memorial Hall which was completed in 1930 to honor Roseville’s war veterans. To the side of this hall is the historic Ice House Bridge, which was built in 1925. It was constructed on lower Vernon Street so that employees of the pacific fruit express ice plant could cross over the tracks on the way to work. This bridge was moved in 1986.

The creek that runs through the park used to flood the park in the past. Ages ago, there was a very devastating flood, and some residents remember seeing rowing boats in the water. Thankfully the city fixed the issue, so it no longer overflows. There are now flood walls in place to redirect the flood.


Dogs are not allowed in the park. This is because they can disturb wildlife like geese and squirrels. This prohibition has earned the complaint of some reviewers on yelp. Luckily, there are dog parking areas to leave your dog at, if needed. More importantly, there are occasional reports of the homeless people that sleep in the park. For this reason, you are cautioned not to stay after dark.

Major amenities available at Royer park

Following are some of the primary facilities available at Royer park:

1.  Baseball Field

2.  Basketball – Full Court

3.  Bocce Ball

4.  Fitness Equipment

5.  Horseshoe Pit

6.  Multi-Use Field

7.  Open Turf

8.  Picnic Area – BBQ

9.  Playground – Accessible

10. Playground for School Age

11. Playground for Preschool Age

12. Restroom

13. Soccer Field

14. Bucket Swings

15. Tennis Court

16. Trail Nearby

In conclusion

This is a wonderful park for the kids and family or a place to take some pictures and walk the trails so be sure to visit.

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