What are the Most Popular Interior Colors?

There are just hundreds of different shades of paint to pick from it can be quite overwhelming when you first decide to do some interior painting. You will also notice popular colors will vary from site to site so nothing is set in stone. We just want to give you a little help you get a start, because in the end, it’s always up to you and what your personal preferences might be. Below are some interior paint colors that tend to be “hot” with a lot of pros and we’re sharing those here for you to decide.

Lavender Mist

Professionals often feel that lavender is often underestimated for it’s power. It is often one of the best colors to use in entryway’s because it gives the walls a nice airy and light feel. It’s also a good color for bedrooms because lavender can bring about a feeling of romance as well.

Salmon Peach

This is a color right from nature and you really can’t argue too much with natural colors like this one. This is a great color for bedrooms and even living rooms. It especially goes well with accents of green. For example green drapes would go great with this light peachy color.

Palladian Blue

This really more of a green-blue and is a classic color that goes well in bathrooms especially. However, it does have a touch of gray tone in it which makes it a great paint color for almost any room especially if you are wanting a really bright and refreshing feel to a room. You can use it to create a cool feeling to a sunny room or bring a feeling of tranquility to a bedroom.

Garden Stone

Paints with gray tones in them tend to be very popular today and Garden Stone is one of the most favorites especially for professional designers. This has a warm gray tone to it and it works quite well in dining areas that might lead right into a living area. It can work well in a kitchen with accents of a light yellow as well.

Manchester Tan

This shade of tan gives a really neutral warm feeling to any room and depending on the kind of light that’s in the room, the hue of this paint will go from a very warm hue to even a light and fresh look depending on the type of light source that’s in the room you choose.

Compatible Cream

If you’re looking for a mix between a yellow and an orange, Compatible Cream could be the color you’re looking for. This is a creamy color that is a subtle combination of a light yellow and light orange which gives it a warm and inviting feel to it. It works well as a color that can join rooms together and it can easily be accented with darker and deeper tones to make any room pop.

Intense White

Don’t let the title of this paint throw you off. It’s not some stark white color that will blind you. This one has undertones of gray in it and works well for a living room or a family room because it easily allows you to add bold colors as accents and the Intense White has the ability to downplay the bolder colors without you losing the interesting look that the bolder colors can give any room.

Revere Pewter

This is a great color that has just a hint of pink to it but not enough to make it get take control of the room. In fact, it’s a great color to substitute for white if you just don’t want white. It’s light enough to paint an entire room without being overwhelming. The hue is so mild it allows you to add almost any accent color you want. It’s a wonderful color for a home with an open floor plan.

Decorator’s White

If you are a white lover, this would be the ideal white for you. It works great for rooms with high ceilings as well as an accent color for trims and doors. It’s also a really good for bathrooms especially those that need to be brightened up. This white will definitely make a room appear much brighter.

Essential Gray

This particular gray color gives any room a very crisp, clean, and sophisticated look and feel to it. It will also give a room a really nice warm and welcoming feel, especially if you trim it with a white paint. It’s a great one for a bathroom or a bedroom if you’re looking for a warm and soothing feel.

Dusty or Chalky Blue

This is a color that’s somewhere between blue and gray and is a velvety shade and can even be used as a neutral color. It looks wonderful when it’s trimmed with white. But if you want a bigger impact, black trime and black accessories really work with this color. It’s a good color for a kitchen, bathroom, or even a bedroom.